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Dead Star Island, published by Alliance Publishing Press, can be ordered via Amazon or Waterstones.com.

There’s plenty to explore on this website, including a section on Dead Star Island, where you can meet Gunzabo (Greece’s most famous one-armed detective), see a map of the island, apply to live there, and take a quiz to guess who its famous residents might be.

I concentrate primarily on fiction these days, but I’ve also added some pages of old song lyrics from my days of playing in bands, which you can find here. There’s also a short story, titled Composition 4, to which I’ll be adding more very soon.

Do have a look around and feel free to get in touch.

Reviews of Dead Star Island:

A trippy page turner.
The Sunday Mirror
A confident, bold debut from Andrew Shantos.
Club Life Magazine
…a hefty dose of wacky conspiracy theory… fun, and clever, and very original.
Alice's Adventures in Bookland
Crazy genius… this is a gem of a story.

'A trippy page turner.'

The Sunday Mirror