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I am the author of novel Dead Star Island, published in June 2015

The psychology of an idea

I always assumed the idea for my novel came to me in a flash of inspiration. But I've come to realise its origins go back to my childhood, and that moments of clarity are sometimes decades in the making
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How many hours does it take to write a novel?

I kept a record of all the time I spent writing my first novel. Being a bit of a geek I couldn't resist putting some stats together. Here’s the story behind it. Plus of course how long it took.
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Wherever you spend eternity

Goodbye dear friend, we all must depart in the end.
I'd love to give you flowers to make you smile
Wherever you spend eternity. […]
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What a waste of time

What a waste of time if I'm not spending time with you.
I always seem to mind if I'm not spending time with you. […]
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Got a headful of thoughts all locked away.
Took me years to recognise
A life is too long to stay imprisoned. […]
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You’re not by my side

It seems that you have drunk your fill,
Intoxication's run its course.
You’re rushing on with no remorse
And leaving sadness in your wake. […]
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