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Sixteen superstars the world thinks are dead.

One killer, determined to finish the job…
These pages of the website contains spoilers about the novel Dead Star Island.

Somewhere in the Indonesian archipelago is a tropical island paradise with some very unusual residents…

Elvis, Marilyn, Jimi and others have been living for decades in peace and anonymity on Dead Star Island.

But someone is murdering them, one by one, in bizarre reconstructions of their previous deaths.

Mario Gunzabo was once Greece’s top detective. Now a one-armed tennis coach living in southeast England, he receives a sudden call from his old school friend, Christian Adhis, Director of Dead Star Island.

Gunzabo is secretly transported to the island, with two simple instructions:

  1. Catch the Déjà Vu Killer before he strikes again
  2. Don’t get too drunk in the process
A trippy page turner.
The Sunday Mirror
A confident, bold debut from Andrew Shantos.
Club Life Magazine
…a hefty dose of wacky conspiracy theory… fun, and clever, and very original.
Alice's Adventures in Bookland
It’s a silly yet fascinating idea… imaginative turns of phrase… an entertaining beach read.

'A trippy page turner.'

The Sunday Mirror