Dead Star Island is the number one destination in the superstar resettlement industry.

Would you like to jam with Jimi and Janis? Get some kung fu lessons with Bruce? Play poker with Elvis?

If you are a superstar who is sick of your fame and the constant hassle of life in the spotlight, let us arrange the death of your choice! Fill in the form to find out more.

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Terms And Conditions

  • Rock/Pop God is defined as a minimum of one million album sales, in a career spanning a minimum of 5 years
  • Nation state leadership eligibility: minimum US$ 100bn GDP average over the previous 10 year period ending on or before application date
  • Film stars must have a minimum of: 1 Academy Award (best actor); or 3 Academy Awards (best supporting actor); or 3 Academy Award nominations (best actor); or 5 Academy Award nominations (best supporting actor); or any combination of the above. Posthumous awards may be considered in exceptional circumstances
  • While we endeavour to accommodate your wishes with regards to your exit from reality, Dead Star Island’s decision is final in the precise circumstances of your death.